Loving Care Assisted Living Services, LLC



My  wife moved her mother Ruby to Loving Care 2 years ago. The facility Ruby was previously at my wife would call 3 times a day at a minimum worrying and losing sleep. The staff at Loving Care has put her mind at ease and she can actually sleep through the night knowing she has the best care possible. This place really reflects the facility name. It's always clean, organized, and the staff really does care. This is really a home first and the business comes secondary. Thank you Roxi, Sinica and the rest of the Loving Care staff.

- Jim A.


Loving Care Assisted Living lives up to the name Loving Care. My dad was in another assisted living facility and when I was told he was going to need more care, which was further away, I started looking for a new place closer to where I live. I am so glad I found Loving Care. Roxi and Sinica run a top notch facility. It runs like clockwork: breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as medications, are spot on. This is so professional that I would recommend Loving Care to anyone seeking the BEST care for your loved ones. I am kept informed about the special events for holidays and the other special days are so well produced. You will not find a better place for the care of your loved ones than Loving Care. Since being at Loving Care my dad has received the personal attention he needed so much that he is doing better than he has ever been since being in assisted living facilities.

- Glenn W.